Friday Blogging by Amy, Terrance, John, and Brandon with Emma


Brittney and Adrian having fun after decorating last week!  Adrian is all ready for Secret Santa!


We would like to thank the folks from Minis On A Mission for donating a nativity magnet set to us!  Good job Matt, work on with your bad self!


We played a Christmas prank on Rachel and put a fake rat under her desk!  John says “Looks like Rachel doesn’t have to buy meat this week!” EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S NOTE: This is David’s work, he’s our prankster!! 


Zel and Rachel hard at work bell ringing!


BFFL (Best Friends For Life) Amy and Terrance!


Amy and Diane playing around while Terrance sits back and just chills after our morning activity!


Our first gift was placed under the tree!  We can’t wait to see more gifts appear and for Santa to come!  Hohoho!  Merry Christmas!


We visited our buddy Courtney at home for the holidays!  It was a really nice visit!!

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