Friday Blogging with Amy, Brandon, John, Terrance, Matt, Zel, and DJ with Emma


Terrance working with his friend Adrian on a gross motor activity.  Rejuvenate your mind, use it or lose it!


Zel gathering fresh eggs from our chicken coop to use in our group meals here at No Limits!


Matt wrote our good friend Sensei Elton Trower a jingle.  It says “The Elton Matt powers the team with super horse power.  We can plow you over in less than an hour as fast as a snowplower.  The eye of the tiger!”


The No Limits’ chefs, David and Maryann, preparing some holiday muffins to be delivered to our friends at G.F. Horne Assisted Living.  They looked and smelled great you all!  Matt hopes that they bring our friends cheer for the New Year!


David helping to prepare our Thanksgiving lunch!  Cook on David, cook on!


Thank you so much David and Maryann for cooking such a wonderful meal!  Thank you very much to the Youth Class and Ruth Group of the Epworth United Methodist Church for your kind donations that helped us with our holiday meal!


Take a look at our delicious Thanksgiving lunch that was cooked with lots of love!  It was mmm mmm good!


“Hey June, thanks for making it better!!!”  June Bailey volunteered with us.

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