Friday Blogging by Amy, DJ, Brandon, John, Terrance, David, C L, and Steve with Emma


This week at No Limits we baked Barking Treats (otherwise known as dog biscuits) for the SPCA.


Another picture of the group making treats.  We hope the doggies think they’re “MMM MMM good!”


Brandon showing us the proper way to meditate!  He looks so relaxed it’s as if he’s in another world!


Zel picking some figs from the tree in our yard.  Please share Zel, they look so yummy!


Zel, DJ, and Rachel’s husband John unloading the new chicken coop!  Lift on my men, lift on!  Thank you John for helping us to pick up the new coop!


Brandon and Jason posing for a picture with Jason’s mom Liz.  Doesn’t Jason look like a superstar with his sunglasses?!  Go on Jason with your bad self!

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