Friday Blogging by Terrance, John, David, Amy, and Sherry with Emma


Our treasurer Matt counting the money for the week and doing a great job!  Count on Matt, with your bad self!


This week for our United Way Exercise the group traveled to G.F. Horne Assisted Living to see our friends.  In order to get even more exercise we walked  to their facility!  Whew, what a work out!  See y’all next month!


DJ and Steve working hard to make sure our First Aid Kit is all up to date.  Work on my people, work on!


We expanded our chicken coop by upcycling an old computer desk!  Now the chickens will have a nice, warm place to sleep and lay eggs in the winter months!


John, Zel, and Terrance picking some basil from the garden.  John says that the smell of fresh herbs reminds him of the country.


Some of the group working on one of our favorite activities, dehydrating fresh leaves off of our basil plants!

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