Friday Blogging by Terrance with Emma


We got two new chickens this week at No Limits!  Aren’t they pretty?!


A picture of the new chickens eating behind the older chickens who were here first.  They’re all starting to get along and we hope they become the best of friends!


David and Steve spent an afternoon organizing one of our storage closets.  It looks good guys!  Way to go!


We took an outing this week to get ice cream.  Here are Brandon and Zel posing for a picture before they dig in!


Matt was really excited for his chocolate shake!


Terrance posing for a picture with his aide Brittney!  They’re the bomb!


David and Zel cutting out some coupons to put in our No Limits coupon book!  Brandon snuck up on them pretending to be a shark!!!  Haha!

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