Friday Blogging by Amy with Emma


David helped to harvest some zucchini while volunteering at the Food Bank.  Go David with your bad self!  Gather that zucchini!

chris bday

Happy birthday Chris and many more!  Chris posed for a birthday picture with his beautiful cake and his buddy Jason!

zel cooking

Zel grating some carrots to make a delicious grated carrot salad on our lunch making day.  Grate on Zel, grate on!!

zel water

Here we have a picture of GREAT men doing GREAT work!  Matt and Zel helped to rake up the yard and it looks awesome!

dj water

DJ giving the garden a bath!  Keep up the good work DJ, everything looks great!

candy count

This week we had a candy counting contest!  In this picture the group is helping each other to tally up the correct number of candies.  Count on my people and please call my number! 🙂


Our newest participant here at No Limits, John, won the candy count!  Look how excited he is with his hands full of candy!  Congratulations!

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