Friday Blogging with Amy, Diane, DJ, and Emma


Diane and Steve mixing the soil to get ready to plant in one of our new garden boxes!  Mix on y’all, mix on! Thanks so much to Eastern Shore Healthy Communities and the Eastern Shore Health District for making us an Eastern Shore Community Garden!!


David and Brandon picking some fresh strawberries out of the garden.  What a delicious fruit!  Save one for me please!  John is overseeing the strawberry gathering to make sure they pick the best ones!


Maryann and David checking out our brand new pots and pans.  We can’t wait to  cook up a storm with this new, awesome cookware!


Matt raking up the yard (mostly pine needles we’ve got so many!)  You go young man, keep up the hard work!


Beth posing for a picture on her birthday with her delicious cake and pretty roses.  Happy birthday Beth, and MANY, MANY more!


Amy and John working hard on dehydrating some basil leaves that we picked from our garden.  Work on y’all with your bad selves!

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