Tuesday blogging with Amy, DJ, John, Zel, Maryann, and Emma


Sherry, Steve, DJ, and John putting together our brand new VegTrug!  Superior work guys! The VegTrug will hold a dedicated herb garden funded by our Community Gardens grant.


Steve, John, and DJ putting the finishing touches on the VegTrug!


Matt raking up the yard – hard at work!


John the weed whacker!  Go John!


Brandon and Zel transplanting a sunflower plant at the Food Bank last week.  Plant on boys with your bad selves!


DJ and Rachel gathering some lettuce for our lunch making day last week!  Look out for the rabbits and no fighting over the delicious leaves!


Mmm mmm!  That lettuce looks delicious!  Save some for us DJ!


David chopping up some coleslaw for our lunch making day!  Be careful David, and save some for us!

group 2

Sherry, Steve, Diane, and Amy hanging out in the yard waiting for lunch at our annual cook out!


We hard boiled one of our double yolked eggs from our hens!  Double the pleasure, double the fun, double the flavor for your tummy tum tum!


Grill on Steve with your bad self!  More please!


The group waiting for lunch to be ready.  Give us some food please, we’re hungry!

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