Friday Blogging with Amy and Emma

Brandon helping Makoto from the Food Bank to plant some seeds at the Food Bank’s community garden.  Plant on boy with your bad self!
Zel helping to plant some seeds at the Food Bank’s community garden.  Zel and Brandon are some serious planters!!
Zel and Maryann working together to make Emma’s birthday cake!  MMM MMM MMM, boy that was a good cake, we want some more please!
Emma getting ready for her birthday cake.  Calm down Emma you can have a piece soon!  Please, please, please share!!!
DJ and Steve building themselves a house!  (Just kidding they’re putting the final touches on the chicken coop!  Haha!)
Brandon and Maryann checking out their chicken friends to make sure they’re doing okay in their new home!
A close up view of our new chickens!  Say cheese ladies, we’ve got our eye on you!
Maryann, Brandon, Chris, Sherry, and Zel helping each other out to finish up the chicken coop!  Work on my peeps, work on!
Home sweet home!  Yay!  We think the chickens are lovin’ their new house!
The chickens have already given us 2 eggs!  They’re so pretty, more please!
David cutting some cheese cubes to make some yummy macaroni and cheese for our lunch making day here at No Limits.  More cheese please David!
June Bailey came in to visit us and she sang some awesome songs!  In this picture Amy and June are singing along to some church music!  Thanks for stopping by June!

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No Limits Eastern Shore is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of survivors of brain injury on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia. In September 2012 we were awarded a contract by the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services to operate the No Limits day program in Onancock, VA.

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