12/21/12 Amy, Jackie, Zel and Isaiah with Suzie Merry Christmas from No Limits


Maggie’s cheese ball. We had lots of yummy food for our Christmas party!!


“Here are some cookies we made for G.F. Horne”- Jackie.  We made over 25 dozen cookie!! “We were busy elves”-Amy


“A woman hard at work!”- Amy Here is Amy rolling out some sugar cookies!


“Ring that bell Zel”-Jackie. Here is Zel doing some bell ringing for the Salvation Army.


We even had time to drop off our cans to the S.P.C.A!!


“Share Zel……Share Zel. Don’t eat them all”-Amy! Zel is happy he got some Doritos and a gift card from his secret Santa.


Maureen giving Jason a nice sweater for Christmas. She said it brought out his green eyes!!


“my my my everyone is full of surprises !!”- Amy


“Go Mr. William….Hope you get something good!!” -Jackie and Amy


Here is Rachel giving out great stocking full of gifts from the Salvation Army. We would like the thank them so very much!! 🙂


Mr. William was so happy for his stocking it brought him to tears!! Thanks again Salvation Army!!


“Here is Mr. Santa Claus with Jackie giving him a massage!!! ;)” – Jackie and a HUGE thank you to the United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore for supporting the United Way Exercise Group with Sensei Trower!!

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