November 16, 2012 by Amy, William & Rachel with Zel

Durell & Zel, Durell & Zel, Ready to Ring the Bells!! (we like the way it rhymes, ring-a-ding-ding!!)

William says it’s a good thing and a good job they’re doing. Amy says, “Still pining away!”. Rachel says it’s Parks & Amy!

Getting ready for the plant sale on Saturday, 11/17 at Nandua High School – thank you Kiwanis for donating booth space!

Pot on boys, pot on – Jackie & Calvin re-potting Earthstars, thank you to Rosemary Pendleton for donating the momma plant.

William says they are doing a good job and I thank God for it. Amy says shine on David & Marie, shine on! (Making the plants look beautiful).

Gobble Gobble! More! We had our Thanksgiving lunch this week…thank you Maryann and helpers for all your hard work in the kitchen!

Rachel and this month’s candy counting jar – congrats to Matt for getting it right – share please share! We love you:-)

Here is Mr. William in September. He would like to say he thanks God for everybody at No Limits and says since he’s been coming here he’s been treated like a gentleman.

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