Friday Blogging

Welcome back Zel! Long-time member of No Limits, Zel, has been missed so much while taking some time away during the pandemic. We are glad you are back Zel!

First aid inspection! Great work Adrian and Angela.

Working on a socially distanced safety lesson. This week we had to important lessons on safety at No Limits – how to prevent falls and what we do in the event of an emergency at No Limits!

Zel getting to know Felix, the robo-cat. He wanted to play him a record on the cool player donated by Peggy Sayers!

Stock on Angela and Maryann. Water is grrrr-eat!

Zel and Brandon doing a great job taking care of the No Limits hens!

This week during Virtual No Limits Adrian shared a lesson on preventing falls for Fall Prevention Awareness week. Thanks for helping to keep us safe Adrian!

Brandon helping to keep the building clean. Great vacuuming Brando!


Friday Blogging

This month for our Outreach Cooking work we made individual brownie pans for residents at a local group home. We were told that they were “delicious!”

Hugg watched us make brownies. Brandon says “Look he’s rubbing his Buddha belly!”

Brandon in No Limits jail…just kidding! Brandon was caring for the No Limits Hens.

Two hens diggin’ for grubs!

A new pet to help us keep pests out of the yard.

Our Native Purple Passionflower, or our “Maypop” Plant, is really poppin’!

One of our newest members, Angela, is quite the artist!

We shared our “Creating Virtual No Limits Video” with Chris Miller, who is the Director of the Brain Injury Services Coordination Unit at the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (VA DARS) and she sent us pictures of her cat Burkley enjoying the video!

Burkley apparently enjoyed the video so much he made his Momma, Chris, watch it over and over and even purred at his favorite parts. We’re so glad you liked the video Burkley and Chris!

Creating a Virtual No Limits!

When the virus came, No Limits Eastern Shore Brain Injury Services had to find a safe, inexpensive, accessible way to continue providing support to the survivors of brain injury in our region of Virginia despite the many logistical challenges. This short video tells the story of our journey to create a Virtual No Limits!

Friday Blogging

The first appearance of Felix, the No Limits robot cat!

Our director Rachel and David right after the unboxing of Felix.

Joe is just watching us try to get it all straight! It took us a minute but we got Felix working.

David & Brandon checking him out. Felix is a therapeutic cat made by Hasbro and he is interactive (miaows, responds to touch, purrs, rolls over) and he doesn’t need a litter box!

Here’s a nice pollinator shot from our garden, which we are getting ready to “spruce up” for fall!

Friday Blogging


Thank you Maryann for helping Daniel and C L with their brand new fishing gear!


An unwelcome guest munching on our Passionflower Vines. Get out of here Mr. Piller!


Ice cold chicken treats for the No Limits’ Hens.


Our catnip patch is starting to grow back after receiving some gardening TLC.


Our native Purple Passionflower plant has really outgrown its trellis. We bought it a new “home” and look forward to helping it “move in” when it arrives!


C L noticed that this No Limits sign needed to be replaced…


So a new one was designed by members of No Limits!  It looks great y’all!

Friday Blogging

We got to see some of our very good friends during Virtual No Limits this week. It was really nice catching up with Jackie and Matt!!!

Adrian and David working hard to keep the No Limits van safe. Brandon says “Don’t fill the tires too much they might pop!”

Brandon enjoying one of his favorite things, caring for the No Limits hens! (what what chicken butt! One of our Naked Neck Turkens photo bombed Brandon with her chicken butt… hahaha!)

Mow on Brando, mow on!

Kindle class is becoming a favorite activity at No Limits. Helping to keep our members connected with the world during the time of COVID-19 is so important and we are thankful to be able to provide virtual services and to assist members in accessing the internet.

Friday Blogging


Brandon and Kyle organizing books.


David helping to restock the books after being organized.


Rachel looks like she stole a mask from C L! Just kidding, they are both big football fans!


Brandon learning to use his Kindle to find books.


No Limits Kindle/Zoom class is in session! We will be experts soon.


Brandon learned a lot during Kindle class. He especially liked learning to ask Alex to play Classic Rock!


David got a kick out of learning to use the Kindle to play rock and roll too!


C L fell asleep during Kindle class….just kidding! We caught him mid-blink!

Monday Blogging

Our blog editing tool was down last Friday, so please enjoy our weekly blog from last week today instead!


Hard at work building a new stand for our new smart board computer!


The “popsicles” we made for the No Limits Hens were ready for storage this week.


We went outside to give the hens a popsicle on a humid day…


After wiping the camera lens we got a much better photo of hens enjoying their treat.


Our newest member at No Limits, Joe, got to learn how we work on our gross motor skills this week. Good job!


Adrian and David making sure the chicken yard is neat and safe!

Friends Corner: Maureen Stout

Maureen, Christmas 2014

At No Limits Eastern Shore we like to recognize the people in our community who are also our friends. Friends who come visit, friends who help out, friends who write notes – it is good to have friends!

One of our best friends ever is Maureen Stout. Maureen started at No Limits as an employee, back when we were still in Belle Haven. She moved with us to Onancock and was a valuable part of our work there.

Maureen, Christmas 2015

After retiring (she has retired many times over the years!), Maureen went to work assisting a member of No Limits and she came with him to No Limits for a few years.

Maureen with Jason at the Onancock No Limits

We could not begin to count the many things Maureen has done for us, made for us, and given to us over the years. She has moved back to New Jersey now, so we don’t get to see her, but she still keeps in touch. Thank you, Maureen, we are grateful for your many years of friendship to No Limits Eastern Shore Brain Injury Services!

Maureen (red sweater, right) with the No Limits crew

Friday Blogging


Replanting succulents that outgrew their “homes”.


Brandon enjoys helping to keep the building clean.  Thanks Brandon!


Making “popsicles” for the No Limits Hens!  We freeze corn and pineapple in muffin trays to make frozen discs of goodies for the hens on hot days.


Calvin has been a huge help in keeping up with the yard this summer.  Thanks so much Calvin we appreciate your help!


C L rocking his No Limits shirt and a cool Face Shield!


David and Adrian keeping up with the building.  Thanks for helping to keep us safe and healthy!

8 4

A behind the scenes shot of Virtual No Limits.  Before the full group signed on to the session, No Limits’ Executive Director Rachel made some of us laugh by wearing two pairs of glasses at once!