Gross Motor Game Reviews

Bullseye Target Toss

We like this game as the rules are very easy to understand. The aim of the game is to toss your bean bag as close to the center, or “bulls eye” as possible, as the bulls eye contains the highest point value. All of the other circles around the bulls eye are worth less points, very similarly to a game of darts. We sometimes have trouble interpreting how many points were scored if the bag thrown does not land directly on its target. Overall we do enjoy this game, but do not find it as interesting as some of our other gross motor activities. We think this game might be especially good for people who enjoy playing darts but may not be able to play anymore!


S&S® Chip Chuckin’™ Game

We like this tossing game because it is silly! The entire point of the game is to try and get the “Cow Chips” or “Cow Pie” to land on a square that is appropriate for manure, or else you get negative points! For example, if you toss the “Cow Pie” into the square marked “Cornfield” you earn points, but if you land the “Cow Pie” on the “Farmer’s Wife” square you lose points! Haha! We have substituted our favorite lightweight bean bags in place of the “Cow Pies” that came with the game set because they leave your hands smelling like rubber or latex. We have also found that the bean bags are easier to throw. Overall we like this tossing game, although it is sometimes difficult to determine point values if the bean bag does not land completely on a marked square.chip-chuckin

Funky Bean Bag Toss

This is one of our newer gross motor activities.  We like this mat because of the cool colors and fun sayings.  We do believe that it would be easier to determine point values if there was less white space/blank space on the board.  Overall this is a nice target toss game.


Inflatable Mouse and Cheese Toss Game

This is another one of our new gross motor activities that we have enjoyed very much.  We find that for tossing games it is much easier to determine points fairly when the object is to land the bean bag in a hole rather than on a spot/target on a mat.  For example, if the bean bag lands in between 2 point value squares on a mat a decision must be made as to which point value will be given as the score.  With the object being to land the bean bag in a hole, with an assigned point value, there is no question as to how many points should be awarded.  The only problem we have found with this game is that it does pop very easily but it can also be patched up easily and fixed!  All in all we think this is a very good gross motor game.


Sportime Ultimax Soft Indoor Bocce Balls

This bocce set is very nice and wonderful for indoor use. It is light and easy to use and because it is brightly colored it is very easy to see. The only problem we have found with this game is that it is difficult to properly toss the pallino indoors on a hard wood floor without it rolling extremely far away – too far away for anyone to actually play efficiently. In order to fix this problem we have found that placing a mat or blanket down in the area where the pallino is to be thrown helps or use on a carpeted floor. We like this game a lot. It requires a bit more strategy to play but we have enjoyed it very much!


Expert Cornhole Toss Game

We love to play Cornhole!  Cornhole is absolutely one of our favorite Gross Motor Activities.  This set came with 2 metal cornhole boards, 8 colored bags to toss (2 colors – 4 bags/color), and a carrying case.    This particular set of cornhole boards is well liked by our program because of its ease of storage. The boards are interlocking and fit in the carrying case perfectly.  We also really like how durable it is because the boards are made of metal.  The bags that originally came with this game were too heavy so we have swapped them out for lightweight  bags which are easier to throw.

We also amended the rules of the game to make play more fair for users who may have a physical disability – we place both boards next to each other (one in front of the other) and score as follows: land a bag in the hole in the board in front = 3 points; land a bag in the hole in the board in back = 5 points; land anywhere on either board = 1 point.  We also do not play as teams but score each player individually.  Overall this is truly a favorite at No Limits Eastern Shore!


Trampoline Ball Toss Game

The concept of this game was to throw the balls on the trampoline and bounce into the targets. It is a similar concept as cornhole but we found that this game was much more difficult. We tried to play the game without the trampoline and we found that the balls would roll everywhere and get stuck underneath furniture. This game may be better suited for those who have higher levels of gross motor functioning.  We found it very difficult to play.

ball bounce game

Franklin Cornhole/Ring Toss

This game is a standard cornhole for one version of the game (not pictured) and  has an optional attachment for a ring toss game (pictured below). The platform felt a bit unstable for cornhole and was not well received. We preferred our larger, metal cornhole boards that we have reviewed above – the Expert Cornhole Toss Game.  When we added the ring toss attachment, we had great difficulty getting the ring successfully onto the pole, even at close ranges.  It was kind of fun at first but after not being able to successfully score points we decided to try a different game.  The ring toss component of this game is another gross motor game that may be better suited for those who have higher levels of gross motor functioning.  While the cornhole was easy to play, we did prefer the larger boards.

golf toss

10 Cup

This game is similar to a popular “for adults only” game. The cups are filled with water and the object is to throw a ping pong ball into your partner’s 10 cups before your partner throws their ping pong balls into your 10 cups.  Each time a ball lands in a cup that cup is taken away.  The first person to remove their opponents 10 cups wins.  We adapted this game to be a table top game so that we would be able to play it indoors.  We found that playing this way was particularly difficult and often resulted with the ping pong balls being lost.  We found the game is much better suited for an outside and on the ground game.  In that scenario (with no wind of course!) it was much easier to score points and was a lot of fun.

10 c

Franklin Soft Bocce

This bocce set came with 8 bocce balls and one pallino. The balls are plastic and feel like they have a beanbag in the middle. The pallino rolled quite far on the concrete floors so we substituted a beanbag in it’s place. The bocce balls were easy to throw and did not travel too far on the floors once they landed. This game is best for groups of 2 to 8 people; any more than 8 players becomes a little too complicated.  We also found that this was a great bocce set for playing indoor bocce rather than outdoor.  Overall we liked this bocce set and enjoy playing this unique game.

soft bocce

Sportime Ultimax Soft Bocce

This bocce set came with 8 bocce balls and one pallino. The bocce balls did not have anything to slow them down while rolling opposed to the franklin bocce set reviewed above. This game did not work very well for us on the concrete floors. When used outside, the game was enjoyable and worked much better. This game is also best suited for groups of 2 to 8 people.  Any more than 8 players becomes too complicated.  This is an awesome bocce set for outdoor use but we do not recommend it for use indoors.