2016 Honorable Mention Winners

2016 Honorable Mention Winners – Erica Head & Jessica LeCato


Erica Head


Erica Head was a senior at Broadwater Academy when she was recognized as one of two Honorable Mention Recipients of the 2016 Kate Award.  She was very actively involved with volunteering activities both through her church, Cape Charles Baptist (CCBC), as well as through her school, Broadwater Academy and assisted with activities such as: the CCBC’s Vacation Bible School and Youth Sports Camp, various Adopt-A-Block Northampton’s fundraising events that help those less fortunate in the local community, participating in Food Drives run by her school’s National Honor Society, and working on group community cleanup efforts.  Erica also has a special interest in environmental awareness/water conservation and has volunteered extensively with the Holiday Lake Forestry Camp as well as the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Camp to help in educating youth in Virginia on these topics.

Jessica LeCato


Jessica LeCato was a homeschooled student in her 9th grade year when she was recognized as one of two Honorable Mention Recipients of the 2016 Kate Award.  Jessica was very active in community service efforts both through her church, Franktown United Methodist (FUMC), and through membership with her local fire department, Northampton County Fire and Rescue.  Through her church she has assisted with community events such as: FUMC’s annual Easter egg hunt and harvest party, the FUMC’s annual Vacation Bible School, and the Arc of the Eastern Shore’s annual “Spring Fling” dance.  She has also worked in the church nursery to help with babysitting.  Through her volunteering efforts with Northampton County Fire and Rescue, Jessica assisted with a large number of their fundraising events including their weekly “Bingo Night” and their bi-annual Trail Ride.  She was even awarded the 2015 Junior Member of the Year by Northampton County Fire and Rescue for her dedicated community service efforts.