The Reviews section of our website started as the No Limits Film Series, a project No Limits Eastern Shore began in July 2013. We screened educational films (dvd or video) related to brain injury. As each film was seen, it was listed on this page and reviewed by the No Limits group.  These reviews are posted on our Film Reviews page.

As a secondary component to this project, we also review resources that are used at No Limits to help us strengthen our bodies’ coordination and movement.  These reviews are posted on our Gross Motor Reviews page.

We have recently began to review Cognitive Skill Building games/activities that are utilized at No Limits Eastern Shore to improve thinking, attention, memory skills as well.  These reviews are posted on our Cognitive Game/Activities Reviews Page.

We will continue to add to these resource reviews periodically as a guide to the brain injury resources that we use in our program. All opinions expressed are our own as individual group members and do not represent the official views of No Limits Eastern Shore.

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