Outreach PowerPoints:

No Limits Eastern Shore has made the following PowerPoints to be used for educational purposes in our Outreach Program activities.

Please feel free to use or share any of these PowerPoints for educational or professional purposes with credit given to No Limits Eastern Shore.

About No Limits – this PowerPoint was created by No Limits participants and staff to introduce you to our program and what we do.

Preventing Brain Injury in Teens – this PowerPoint was created by No Limits participants and staff to specifically highlight the main causes of brain injury in teenagers and how to prevent it.

Brain Works Corner PowerPoints:

Each month No Limits adapts a topic of current brain injury news and research into PowerPoint format in order to make it more accessible to survivors of brain injury in the small group setting. We call these monthly presentations “Brain Works Corner” and they help members of No Limits to learn more about how brains work and to keep up-to-date on brain injury related news.

Getting to Know Your Brain

Memory Strategies After Brain Injury

Stress & Anxiety After a Brain Injury

Preventing Falls After Brain Injury

Nutrition After a Brain Injury

New Treatments Methods for TBI

Regenerative Treatment for TBI

Tiny Implant Monitors Brain Injury, Then Melts Away

Brain Secrets

Brain-Scanning Headset

How Sleep Helps Your Brain

Chicken Eggs are Helping Brains

Living on the Edge of Consciousness

Could Flies help Us Understand Brain Injury?

Microchips in Our Brains?

100 New Areas of the Brain Found

Brain News from Brown University

Concussions in Teens are Rising

Concussions, Brain Swelling, and CTE

Healthy Bodies = Healthy Brains

Vision Restoration after a TBI