Friday Blogging


Working on comfort dolls with our newest pal, Eddie!


This project is one that we work on with the Kiwanis Club of Accomack. The dolls are given out to children and the elderly in our community.


Men hard at work taking care of our hens!


Brandon flew the coop! Just kidding, he flew in it! Hahaha. We got a cool angle of Brandon cleaning!


Thumbs up for a brand new chicken coop!


This coop was purchased with grant funds from our Productivity and Sustainability Grant which we received from the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation!  Thank you for helping us expand our Productivity projects!!


Brandon says “It’s raining chicken coops!”  Just kidding it was just being delivered from Backyard Escapes.  We would like to thank Backyard Escapes from Pocomoke for making/delivering this beautiful coop to us!


The No Limits crew posing in front of the new coop.  Nice shot!


Putting final touches on the comfort dolls!

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