2014 First Place Winner – Iesha Warrington


Iesha Warrington was the very first recipient of the Kathleen Walsh Richardson Citizenship Award in February 2014 when she was a sophomore at Central Baptist Academy.  Iesha dedicated herself to giving back by involving herself in a number of activities to benefit our local community.  She had a specific interest in helping children and had committed herself to helping youth throughout the years.  She taught Bible Studies during her ministries’ “Children’s Church”, helped with child care in her churches’ nursery, and tutors younger students at her school.  Iesha had also volunteered her time in a number of other ways, i.e. assisting elderly neighbors with activities of daily living and helping those with disabilities to participate in group activities or attend events in the community.  Iesha can be quoted saying “Helping children is the only thing I can see myself doing” and we truly hope that Iesha is able to achieve her dream of helping children.  Iesha continues to visit with No Limits as often as she can.  We are always so grateful to see her and to keep up with her successes!